Cultivate launch

Cultivate has gone from strength to strength since we formed seven years ago. We’ve grown threefold, added new services, and hired incredibly talented people. The funny thing about our success is… we’ve helped so many brands, but never stopped to think about our own.

And the truth is, that matters. Cultivate was bigger and better, but from the outside looked just the same. We knew that had to change.

We’ve always known that when something is worth saying, it’s worth saying it simply. No waffle. No ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’. We think our brand should do the same, in every way. We think creative agencies should practice what they preach.

Cultivate has changed the big things first. The things you see the most. Like our logo, our visual identity, and our website. They’re cleaner, simpler, and more direct: just like the way we work. They help us talk about your brand and your campaign, without getting in the way.

Check out our new mobile-friendly website for yourself, and tell us if we’re talking your language.