In preparation for the season ahead, we worked with St.Helens R.F.C. once again to improve the user experience of the Club website.

Following an internal audit, we implemented subtle but streamlined improvements to the navigation and UX, focusing on the most visited pages backed by analytics – Matches, Teams and News. More prominent links were also established between group sites such as Saints TV, Superstore, Ticketing and The Totally Wicked Stadium. Visual improvements were made to better cater for full screen imagery and longer headlines within the daily news feed.

We also ran a Google Lighthouse report, which scores the site on four key metrics – performance, accessibility, best practices and SEO. Based on this we:

  • Optimised image sizes across the whole site
  • Improved the loading of images – prioritising those in view and loading others later
  • Removed any unnecessary scripts to speed up load times
  • Boosted the organic SEO and accessibility scores