Lookout is a small encounter full of big ideas. Half an hour out of your day that might change the way you look at your town forever.

Created by artists Andy Field and Beckie Darlington with children from Broad Oak Community Primary School in St Helens, the project attempts to consider some difficult questions in a simple way.

Lookout takes place as a meeting between one adult audience member and one child performer. Two people of very different ages, coming together to have a conversation. They stand together somewhere high up, looking out at the streets and buildings of the town below, and begin to talk about its future. They see before them the world as it is now and as it might be many years from now.

We worked with social arts agency Heart of Glass to produce posters, leaflets and social graphics to promote the project, with photography capturing a rare St Helens golden hour alongside the iconic chimneys of Pilkingtons factory.

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Photo by Radka Dolinska