We’re delighted to be working with St Helens Council to brand St Helens 150, which marks 2018 as the 150th anniversary of the signing of the Royal Charter – by Queen Victoria – that incorporated the borough of St Helens.

To mark this milestone year, a programme of arts, cultural and community events has been developed in partnership with local organisation Heart of Glass and Rainhill-born writer, Frank Cottrell Boyce. These events will not only celebrate St Helens’ rich heritage and history, but also look to the future of the borough and raise awareness of the major transformations that are planned for the town.

We were tasked with designing the 150 logo and identity to be in keeping with the existing St Helens place branding. Whilst referencing the ‘Big Idea’ place graphics, the logo also reflects the town motto ‘Ex Terra Lucem’ (out of earth – light), alongside giving the feel of a celebration. We also illustrated key historical events and local landmarks to add personality and a sense of locality to the identity.

The brand is expected to run across a huge amount of physical and digital spaces across the town throughout the year ahead, and we can’t wait to see it roll out.