A dinosaur-cyborg with a cake...

We’re five!

Here’s a dinosaur-cyborg with a cake…

When you’re five years old, you don’t understand the word can’t. You only understand great.

You know toy dinosaurs are better with lasers sticky-taped to their claws. You build robot monkeys from building blocks. And draw plans for a future moon base, with bunk beds for the aliens.

Cultivate is five this month. We couldn’t send you a slice of our birthday cake by email. (It makes the computer sticky.) So we thought of this, instead.

It’s our way of saying ‘thank you’ to the clients who love creativity as much as we do. And sharing the celebration with everyone who doesn’t get can’t.

Join us for the next five years. With or without dinosaurs, it’s going to be great.

Gary, Paul and the rest of the team.


A big hello to Jamie

The team at Cultivate would like to welcome Jamie to the studio, joining us as an apprentice web developer through St Helens College apprenticeship scheme. Jamie already has good HTML skills and will be developing his WordPress skills, whilst delving into php over the coming months.

Unfortunately for us, he is a Man united fan, something we failed to ask in his interview! :)

Cultivate Christmas

Seasons Greetings from Cultivate

Wishing all our clients, friends, family and followers a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

The studio will be closed from 5:00PM on Monday 23rd December and re-opening on Thursday 2nd January.


Cultivate Fantasy Football

Cultivate Fantasy Football 2012/13 – Winner

Congratulations to Nucky Thompson (nice Boardwalk Empire reference), who has won the 3rd annual Cultivate fantasy football league by some way, 263 points to be exact, finishing on a score of 2321.

The final table can be seen below.

# Team Manager TOT
1 GreatLeftFoot Nucky Thompson 2,321
2 Bluenose Paul Ramsay 2,058
3 FIRE-EATER Antonius Ronny S 2,022
4 Filey Flyers Nick Walker 1,996
5 Ardley Athletic Paul Burrows 1,991
6 Hendry’s square chin Danny Woodworth 1,959
7 The Orange Gohil Rajendrasinh Gohil 1,879
8 Sebisa Henk Tjalsma 1,874
9 Havent Got a Kalou Peter Burrows 1,872
10 Sporting Lesbian Luke Woodhouse 1,868
11 West London Knights Vivekkanand S 1,855
12 FC Lîmon Neal Moran 1,823
13 LIONCXTY Syamil Eisfeld 1,807
14 Unbelievable Jeff Connor Moorcroft 1,747
15 Metro_11 ankush c 1,731
16 Boom! Bilal mahmood 1,644
17 SMALLZIE’S HOT SHOTS Lee Smallbone 1,620
18 ARSXNXL Syamil Hejduk 1,571

Thanks to all who took part, same time next year…

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